Visit to CONALEP I

photo (2)In August 12, 2013, EPPLA members visited the CONALEP I School in Juarez. CONALEP, the National College of Professional Technical Education, is a nation-wide system of schools that prepares students in the technological and industrial  fields. There are 302 campuses all over Mexico and Juarez has two. EPPLA Board members toured CONALEP I, met with adminstrators and faculty, and enjoyed a literary reading offered by the students. About 14 students comprise the Reading Club. The students meet before and after school to explore the humanites and the creative arts.  Since the curriculum is composed in its majority of technical courses, the Reading Club offers the students an opportunity to read, wrote poetry and paint. The students read aloud their writings and showed the vistors a mural they created with thier own original painitings.

photo (3) - Copyphoto (3) EPPLA donated a box of books and its members look forward to working with the CONALEP I in promoting the Reading Club, acquire more books for the library, and encourage the creative potential of its students.

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