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In October 31, 2013 the Regional Border Library Assocaition held its annual conference in  Las Cruces, N.M. EPPLA board members, Luis Chaparro and Lorena Gutiérrez attended the session presented by Oralia Garza de Cortés. Ms. Cortés, a former REFORMA president, is a reknown leader and expert in children literature in Spanish. She gave an enlightening presentation on the role of children literature in Latin America. She highlighted the literary giants in this genre and explained some of their works. Gabriela Mistral from Chile, José Martí from Cuba, and Aquiles Nazoa from Venezuela were some of the writers that Ms. Garza de Cortés mentioned in her presentation. She gave examples of their works and explained the profound impact they created in the development of children literature in Latin America.
Ms. Garza de Cortés also gave information regarding bilingual education and the importance it has in the educational development of Hispanic children in the United States. Her concluding remarks emphazised that bilingualism is good for all American children and the more exposure they have to different cultures and different languages, the greater their contribution to contemporary society in the United States.
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